Best Tool for Backup Google Chrome 2023

Google Chrome is the most popular Web Browser in the world. If you use Chrome and you spent a lot of time configuring it, including favorites, bookmarks, cookies, passwords, etc. You also spend a lot of time logging into your favorite websites like Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. It could be terrible day if you switch to a new PC and have to re-configure your Google Chrome.

Here we show you best software tools that can backup, restore or transfer Google Chrome across multiple

Google Chrome Sync

Google Chrome Sync is a feature come with Google Chrome, however it requires an Google account and only support single profile for each account. It provides limited futures as

  • You can find and update your synced info on all your devices, like bookmarks, history, passwords and other settings.
  • You can sign in automatically to only Google services. For other websites, you have to re-sign in manually.
  • If you change devices, like if you lose your phone or get a new laptop, you can get your synced info back.
  • If you turn on Web & App Activity, you can personalise your experience in other Google products with your Chrome history.
  • To help us build products better suited for all demographics, Chrome may combine declared age and gender information from your Google Account with our statistics. This information is used only in aggregate form.

Easy Backup for Browser

Easy Backup for Browser is an application supports transfer full Google Chrome data across computers. Recently, Easy Backup for Browser is the best application that supports full features of Google Chrome.

  • All settings includes bookmarks, history, passwords and other settings.
  • All installed extensions
  • You can sign in automatically to Google services an all other websites.
  • No requires Google account, run without internet, no leak privacy data
  • Support all profiles in Google Chromes
  • Available in Microsoft Store


FavBackup is getting a little out of date because it hasn’t been updated since 2011, but it shouldn’t matter a great deal because browsers don’t generally change the locations where all the personal data such as favorites and history is stored. It is a portable tool and supports over 15 browser components to backup and restore. Six browsers are supported although we’re not sure how many people use Safari or Flock these days, but the main four the majority of us use are there.

 Hekasoft Backup and Restore

One impressive feature of Hekasoft Backup and Restore is the large number of different web browsers it supports for backup and restoration. Besides the most popular, it also includes Avant, Comodo Dragon/Ice Dragon, Maxthon, Midori, Pale Moon, SRWare Iron, Waterfox and several others. Another bonus is support for a few none browser programs like FileZilla, Mozilla Thunderbird/Seamonkey/Sunbird, Skype and uTorrent.

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